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Minimums and high fees - not welcome. Tenants and property management - taken care of. Buying & selling - made easy.


A simple investment process for any investor regardless of income or net worth

Handpicked Properties
Hand Picked Properties

We hand pick quality properties for you to choose from

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Buy Shares

Fractionally invest in the properties we list on the platform

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Receive Rental Dividends

Properties generate monthly income through rent

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Earn Capital Gains

Watch your investments grow alongside your property portfolio

Why EasyProperties

Our platform allows you to invest in property with zero property management admin and minimal fees

Landlord Shareholder

EasyProperties takes away the hassle and admin that comes with being a landlord, and gives you the simplicity of being... an investor

Our rental management partners handle day-to-day operational responsibilities, from maintenance to finding tenants and management leases.

Less stress, more investing!

Our Fees
Finding tenants
Signing and managing leases
Property Inspections
Rental Collection
Paying Accounts
Day-to-day tenant relations
Paperwork & Lawyers

Fractionalised Ownership

The range of properties we offer you have been carefully curated by property specialists to unlock a combination of capital growth and quality rental yield opportunities.

We fractionalise property ownership by creating a company which owns and distributes shares among investors on EasyProperties.

Our Fees

Build a Diversified Portfolio in Minutes

Building a diversified property has never been easier, with our ever-growing offering of properties. View Properties

More liquidity

We've created a market within our own community to give investors frequent opportunity to realise their financial goals.

Give property a spin today.

From how-to’s to whos-whos you’ll find a bunch of interesting and helpful stuff in our collection of videos. Our knowledge base is jam packed with answers to all the questions you can think of.