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Ballito Groves - Why We Like It

The first initial public offering for spring 2021 has made its debut on EasyProperties, and it's a beauty.
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Investing in property: beginner factors to consider

Investing in property the traditional way can seem intimidating - the whole process, with all the necessary legal processes and admin, is not an easy feat to accomplish. Especially for a beginner.
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The Monroe - a Rosebud in Rosebank

EasyProperties listed it’s 11th property on 5 July, and it was only the second property investors could buy shares in while it was still under construction.
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Investing in property: directly and in equities

EasyProperties launched over a year ago in 2020, giving INVSTRs the opportunity to buy shares in property units. We highlight the key differences between buying shares in a property company via EasyEquities and buying shares in a specific property via EasyProperties.
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Women Investing in Property: The Game Changers

Over the last year we’ve seen the property market undergo some change, and it’s not just because EasyProperties entered the PropTech scene.
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Location, location, location!

When markets are booming, you can choose to buy almost any share and you’re likely to make money. However, quote the sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked”.
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