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Which Property Investment is Best for You?

By now, you probably know that having some financial investment savvy will pave the road to your future security. You may have even compared all the options and noticed that although all major asset classes have their share of skeletons in the family closet, property is still a safe haven for your income and capital appreciation ...
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BlackBrick and EasyProperties answer the needs for 'Generation Rent'

In 2017, when new generation property developer, BlackBrick sold out the first hybrid leisure-residential investment development in only 90 days it proved what the property industry has suspected about today’s 20-somethings, Generation Z. Known as ‘Generation Rent’ – these astute investors are looking for experience and freedom.
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Capital On Bath: Why you should you invest

A company that has weathered storms in the past would have your support, wouldn't you agree? Because of Marc Wachsberger's leadership, The Capital Hotel & Apartments has broken hotel norms to become South Africa's fastest-growing, fully-serviced luxury apartment and hotel room provider. During COVID, a time when hotels were closing ...
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Investing in property: directly and in equities

EasyProperties launched over a year ago in 2020, giving investors the opportunity to buy shares in property units. We highlight the key differences between buying shares in a property company via EasyEquities and buying shares in a specific property via EasyProperties.
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Undeniable Reasons That You Need Media Mill Commercial Property

The properties you see on the EasyProperties platform have gone through a thorough review process to ensure that they are suitable for our investors.
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Why We Care About Property Valuation (And Why You Should, Too!)

When it comes to property investing, there is only one thing that matters: the actual value of the property you invested in. 
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Women Investing in Property: The Game Changers

Over the last few years we’ve seen the property market undergo some change, and it’s not just because EasyProperties entered the PropTech scene.
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