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In 2017, when new generation property developer, BlackBrick sold out the first hybrid leisure-residential investment development in only 90 days it proved what the property industry has suspected about today’s 20-somethings, Generation Z. Known as ‘Generation Rent’ – these astute investors are looking for experience and freedom.

According to EasyProperties CEO, Rupert Finnemore, the BlackBrick model perfectly mirrors the EasyProperties vision which allows investors a slice of a property investment while providing rental income at the same time.

Where Freedom and Investment Combine

We know that they do not necessarily want to be tied down to a mortgage or own a home in the traditional sense. At the same time, they also recognise the value of long-term property investment – especially if it can offer them a lifestyle, community and easy access to remote co-working hubs

Diversified Investment Opportunities for Digital Nomads and Every Demographic

“ At the same time, opportunities like these are not restricted to low income earners, but also for major investors who are seeking both that all-important diversification and access to the attractive deals, “says Finnemore. 

Blackbrick founder and development manager, Moritz Wellensiek, has fashioned a formula that answers all of these needs and also caters for the seemingly inherent entrepreneurial aspirations of these first-time buyers. Not only do BlackBrick’s trendy and cool developments appeal to the digital nomad, they also provide capital investment and income certainty.


Hospitality Principles that Have Made it Sandton’s Bestselling Development

Using principles from the hospitality industry and inserting it into the residential space, the success of BlackBrick is supported by three main pillars location, price and facilities. For Wellensiek, the definition of today’s home is a private space that is well designed, functional and private, yet provides the option to socialise or work within 20 steps.

It seems that the BlackBrick model has ticked all of these boxes. In fact, total Blackbrick development sales in Sandton over the past three years total over R500 million, making it the bestselling development in the area.

“Not only does it allow investment without the onerous strings of property maintenance and mortgages, but there’s the opportunity to be in a yoga garden, cinema, restaurant, roof-top bar, gym or co-working space within a few metres from one’s private space.

It is the quintessential communal, yet private, lifestyle without foregoing one’s investment savvy,” says Finnemore.

Price appeal is a major factor where the BlackBrick team are attracting attention.


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“Similar to the BlackBrick One, BlackBrick Sandton Two is a redevelopment of an office building. This redevelopment approach allows the team to deliver units at a lower price than a new build would cost and this has been a key component of BlackBrick’s success to date. BlackBrick Sandton Two will include much expanded communal facilities including conferencing facilities, rooftop pool, bar and restaurant,” says Finnemore.


Capital Appreciation and High Rental Demand

In this third listing, EasyProperties investors will be buying 9 units at an average price per unit of R1,1m at a discount of 8% and a 7,4% net rental yield. This is a compelling entry price for Sandton and creates strong potential for capital appreciation over the long term with an expected high rental demand. The guaranteed net yield along with the assumed capital growth, suggests an internal rate of return for investors over the next five years of 11.4% per annum.

“Besides the success of BlackBrick’s offering on Cape Town’s foreshore, where the IPO (initial public offering) attracted 7 926 investors, as well as its sell-out at BlackBrick I in Sandton, where a further 4 302 investors rallied, we are impressed by the one-year rental guarantee that the developer is offering for Blackbrick Two, especially in these uncertain and inflationary times,” says Finnemore.



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BlackBrick Property Investment and Lifestyle journey continues in the heart of Sandton - a familiar face on our platform. In just 90 days after its launch, the original BlackBrick project was sold out. We are happy to offer this opportunity once again, this time with a 12-month rental guarantee and a predicted net rental yield of 7.41% annually.

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