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Our platform allows you to invest in property with zero property management admin and minimal fees

We want more properties and want you and your community to send what you have

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EasyProperties takes away the hassle and admin that comes with being
a landlord, and gives you the simplicity of being... an investor
Finding tenants
Signing and managing leases
Property Inspections
Rental Collection
Paying accounts
Day-today tenant relations
Paperwork & Lawyers

Less stress, more investing!

Our rental management partners handle day-to-day operational responsibilities, from maintenance to finding tenants and managing leases.


Invest with confidence

The range of properties we offer you have been carefully curated by property specialists to unlock a combination of capital growth and quality rental yield opportunities.

  • Historical suburb growth
  • Forecast cash flows
  • Estimated net rental income and yield
  • Independent property valuation
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