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Investing in property has never been this easy,
accessible and rewarding.


EasyProperties is set to change the game in the property industry and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities we have. After all, this addition to Easy is a direct result of what YOU, our community, asked for.

Sign up for an EasyEquities account here, once done, activate your EasyProperties account from within the EasyEquities platform and let's get investing. It's the #easy way.

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What is EasyProperties?

Whether you're new to property investing or a seasoned pro, our goal is to simplify your investment process through fractional property investments, offering investors the chance to start small while thinking big.

This is made possible through fractional property investment, a method which allows people to invest in real property in the same way that the share market allows them to invest in listed companies.

Fractional property investing will also allow first home buyers to get exposure to property much earlier in their quest to own a home, and the entire process is streamlined through our tech-friendly, online property investment platform.

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Now you can invest the way the most successful institutions do.

Institutional investors have consistently outperformed public markets by investing in alternative assets like private market property. EasyProperties democratizes access to an often unattainable asset class, making it possible for anyone to become a property investor regardless of income or net worth.

The EasyProperties investment platform enables investors to treat their property investments more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation, rather than dealing with the hassles of property management. 

For would-be homeowners fractional property investments is a way to tackle the issue of housing affordability and solution to build a deposit.

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to a once-unattainable
investment class

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better expected returns
through a superior model

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Expert Management

by a team of experienced
real estate professionals

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to a once-unattainable
investment class


Investment properties

EasyProperties has partnered with leading rental managers to handle day to day operational responsibilities, like finding tenants, signing and managing leases, property inspections, rental collection, maintenance, paying accounts and day to day tenant relations. Allowing the investor to invest with confidence.

Choose which properties to buy shares in. Our range of properties are carefully selected by our specialist property team based on a combination of capital growth and quality rental yield.

Property details include:

  • Historical suburb growth
  • Forecast cash flows
  • Estimated net rental income and yield

How it works

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You can buy shares and invest in a company which owns a collection of property listed on the platform, or diversify your investment and buy shares in a number of different companies which own different properties.

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Our listed properties generates monthly income through collecting rent from our creditworthy tenants.

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We pay you cash dividends, based on your investment holdings, from the profits each quarter. 

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Sell your shares on the platform to other community members.

How do I invest?

  • Our specialist property team sources properties, and then clients are invited to buy shares in the company which owns those properties.
  • No minimum investment
  • You choose which properties to buy shares in, based on your investment goals
  • The properties are managed by a professional rental management company. 
  • Income is distributed to shareholders via dividends (after property costs and relevant taxes)
  • Once a quarter, investors will be able to buy more shares or sell shares in existing investments via an auction process on the platform
  • New properties investments will be available regularly
  • Property investments will run for between 5-7 years

Build your own property portfolio

You are in control of which properties to invest in based on your own investment goals


How do I make money?


Capital Gains

  • As property prices change so does the value of your shares
  • Use the valuation as a guide to buy and sell property shares on the platform.
  • Realize any capital returns by selling shares to other members of the EasyProperties community.

Rental Distribution

  • Receive your share of any rent, after expenses and taxes, paid quarterly.
  • Benefit from rental pools for certain properties which could lead to increased revenues compared to a traditional residential product rentals.
  • We'll take care of the hassles of managing the properties.

Get access!

To get access to EasyProperties, you will have to register an account with our big brother, EasyEquities.

EasyEquities is an all-inclusive investment platform that caters to all types of investors. The platform provides access to a host of investment options, and EasyProperties is one of them. You can decide to only access EasyProperties, or also take advantage of all the other products available within the Easy offering.


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