Why We Care About Property Valuation (And Why You Should, Too!)


When it comes to property investing, there is only one thing that matters: the actual value of the property you invested in. 

There are many factors that influence your property value and prices for residential and commercial buildings alike are fluctuating each year with the economic climate. Upon the anniversary of the first purchase, we revalue each property to provide the most up-to-date information on capital growth and value of the units purchased.

Take note: These are indicative values as final value can only be determined once property is sold

Property valuators who work with EasyProperties prepare a report that takes into account all elements that could affect the value of the property, such as location, environment and market conditions.

What drives the change in valuations?

Annual growth in suburbs, as well as in a specific development, are indicators of future growth. Recent comparable sales, probable replacement values, and rental revenue on the units can all be used to determine the worth of a particular property.

Each valuation is available on the platform and gives a very
detailed explanation of the valuation

What drives the change in valuations?

For investors, a higher valuation means more money per share if your property is valued higher than the market value, which is why it's important to conduct property valuations on a regular basis. These valuations would be used to demonstrate a rise in the property's value, and thus a rise in its price per share. Most crucial is the current market worth of your property when you are ready to sell. That will reveal the true capital gains and returns over the period.

Valuations are an excellent indicator of how much (if any) your investment has grown over time.

We have received updated valuations for the following properties:

  1. Greenpark Lifestyle Estate
  2. Green Reef Village
  3. The Blyde


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