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Picture this: You wake up one morning after a delightful night at BlackBrick, where you booked a cozy room. As you step outside, you notice the convenience of MINI Sharing parked right in the lot, exclusively available to BlackBrick residents and members of the BlackBrick Club. It's the perfect solution for your quick errands around town. How convenient is that?



After a fulfilling day, you feel the need to unwind. And guess what? BlackBrick has something special in store for you. Just across the road from Sandton 1, there's Artistry—an unforgettable night out waiting to happen. This cultural haven houses award-winning musician and food aficionado, J’Something's restaurant. It's a trilogy of perfection, igniting all your senses within one ecosystem.

But that's not all. BlackBrick takes entertainment to a whole new level with its three-story hotspot in Sandton. Imagine being taken on a journey from a trendy downstairs lounge, through a 100-seater theater on the mid-level, and finally reaching a rooftop restaurant where the party comes alive. It's an all-in-one experience that makes you wonder why you'd ever need to go anywhere else.

The attention to detail at BlackBrick is remarkable. They've curated every space with precision, maximising the human experience through culture and design. Just take a look at what they offer: 40 coworking desks, 7 meeting rooms, a 100-seater auditorium, 10 focus rooms, a rooftop bar, two restaurants, a café, two gyms, a meditation garden, mini electric on-site car hire, a conversation lounge, and even a 10-seater cinema room. It's a rebirth of an urban village, designed to provide a platform for your personal and professional growth.

Now, let's talk investment. We've established a long-standing partnership with BlackBrick, and it has been nothing short of exceptional. We already have three fantastic properties, and two of them have performed remarkably well this quarter. In Cape Town, the BlackBrick units enjoyed a staggering 100% occupancy rate across all 14 units. With an average monthly rate of R12,500 per unit, they outperformed projected yields. In Sandton 1, the units maintained 100% occupancy, and the rental collection for the period stood at an impressive 97.52%.

View these reports to see valuable insights into the progress, performance and potential of these BlackBrick properties:

We have a fantastic announcement that we can't wait to share with you! The BlackBrick team has shown their love for EasyProperties in the most extraordinary way. They're offering you a complimentary night stay when you invest in their remarkable property, BlackBrick Gardens. And really, why wouldn't they? We've had two BlackBrick properties that have exceeded expectations as seen above in the reports, and we trust that this one will follow suit.

For a limited time only, from June 1st to June 8th, when you invest R 5,000 or more into BlackBrick Gardens, you'll not only secure a promising investment but also get a free night stay at any BlackBrick unit! Follow this link to place your investment: Click here

Here's how it works*:

  1. Activate your EasyProperties wallet if you haven't already and login
  2. Invest R 5,000 or more into BlackBrick Gardens between June 1st and June 8th.
  3. As a token of appreciation, enjoy a free night stay at any BlackBrick unit.
  4. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary BlackBrick lifestyle and experience the epitome of luxury living.


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