Dividend Calendar
When Do I Receive Dividends?

Dividends (net of all fees and taxes) will be paid to investors quarterly. The dividend is paid into your EasyProperties account on the 25th of the following month after each quarter. These funds can be withdrawn to your bank account or used to make further investments

Can I Reinvest My Dividends?

Absolutely. Re-investing your rental dividends in an upcoming Auction or an IPO will allow you to take advantage of the power of compounding returns. Re-investing your dividends is a fantastic way to build your portfolio and receive increasing rental dividends in future. This needs to be done manually

Upcoming Dividend Payments
To be eligible for the dividend payment, you must be the holder of the relevant share 3 (three) business days before the dividend payment date.
You can view historical dividend payments here.
Dividend Payment Dates
11 Dec 2020
31 Jan 2021
30 April 2021
31 July 2021
20 Nov 2021
20 Feb 2022
20 May 2022
20 Aug 2022
20 Nov 2022


25 Feb 2023
25 May 2023
25 Aug 2023
25 Nov 2023
25 Feb 2024
25 May 2024
25 Aug 2024
25 Nov 2024
Properties are only able to start paying dividends after the first quarter once the properties have transferred to the investment companies. The table below shows the expected dates when the properties will start paying dividends based on rental income received. The companies will endeavour to declare dividends on a quarterly basis thereafter.

Please check out our FAQs for more info on dividends
Estimated Property Dividend Start Dates
Hyde Park House
25 Feb 23
Capital Pearls
20 Aug 23
The Edge
25 Aug 23
The Duke
23 Feb 24
One On Anne
24 May 24
Volley Brooklyn
25 May 24
Akaru Bryanston
25 Aug 24
Forty On L
25 Aug 24
BlackBrick Gardens
25 Nov 24
The Fynbos
25 Feb 25
The Fynbos Two
25 Feb 25
Saxon Square
23 May 25
The One
25 May 25
Seahorse Knysna
25 Nov 25

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