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It has been two years since we launched our Donate for Good campaign and in the two years, the EasyEquities community has raised hundreds of thousands of rands for dozens of charities, simply by donating R5 or more when they buy shares. A win-win that has helped many organisations continue to do their good work for our community and those most vulnerable.

Next up, we are delighted to highlight the South African Breast Milk Reserve (one of the tenants in our first commercial property on EasyProperties – The Media Mill), an organization that provides breastmilk to premature infants and infants whose moms are unable to lactate. SABR was born out of the realisation that there is a significant need for access to healthcare services specifically for premature infants and their need for donated breastmilk.

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Invest in our very first commercial property - The Media Mill

The property's exceptional position close to the 44 Stanley Street Precinct, Rand Steam Shopping Centre, Melville and Auckland Park makes it a highly attractive rental option. Because of the high tenancy rates, we as investors can expect great potential profits.

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What This Means to the larger community

SABR recognized a greater need for broadening healthcare access for pregnant women and children under the age of five and began expanding their mandate to include infant health and survival, breastfeeding for early childhood development, antenatal, HIV prevention and treatment, immunisation, and family planning in order to support improved health outcomes for children in our communities.

What You Can do to help

Let us, the EasyEquities and EasyProperties community, do our part to help this wonderful NPO help the more than 11,000 premature babies who lose their lives each year in South Africa owing to preventable illnesses and complications. Donate R5 or more when you buy shares

Here's how it looks:


You can find out more about charitable giving here or by following the link provided.


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