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Declan up's his confidence in property investing

Property investing can feel daunting. That's what Declan Williams, a 28-year-old teacher, and founder of a startup called Let's Yak, thought at first. But after discovering EasyProperties, Declan has grabbed the opportunity to be a property INVSTR who now has diversified his property portfolio in different areas, namely, Sandton, Pretoria and Cape Town.

How he got there? He just started. When you can invest with as little as a few bucks, and without the headaches of buying a property the traditional way, property investing is in fact, easy. 

 Take a look at Declan's property portfolio:

But what are some of the reasons behind picking these properties specifically?🤔

While the location is one of the aspects Declan looks at when investing, he also makes sure he explores the finances 📊.


"I open up and have a look at the numbers and research (all available on the Easyproperties platform). I do have a nice balance between rental yield and capital gain, but I am in it for the long term, so capital gain is a big one" Declan explained.

EasyProperties investors are able to earn rental income from their investments by way of regular dividend payouts - how's that for a no-fuss side hustle?

And if you ask Declan about investing in property, his simple response would be - if you can see yourself living in it, then why not invest in it.

"Try and relate to your shares. If you can’t see yourself, or at the very least, a family member living in a property, then I wouldn't recommend buying it. Same as any shareholding, having skin in the game with your favourite companies that you understand is age-old advice; same goes for property", Declan said.

You just have to get started 💎

Like many others, for Declan, investing was daunting at first, but "it's something I have always known to be a good opportunity", he expressed.

Celebrating some of his achievements, highlighted by what he has learned from being a property INVSTR, Declan added that:

"We are now the proud owners of a small one-bedroom place in KZN, and it's all thanks to the confidence and education that the EasyProperties platform has provided. So take the plunge and just start, start off small, start off Easy."

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To make investing through EasyProperties even more valuable and exciting, we continue to add more excellent properties onto the platform. We are super excited to show you these amazing properties, and we know you will fall in love with them just as much as we do because of the potential income they will provide.

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